It is not commonly known that Tobacco Industries use Surrogate advertising and sponsorship to promote tobacco products among various target group which includes school children, college and out-of-school youth. Most of us do not realize that these surrogate advertisements are aimed at promoting tobacco products. Albeit many feel that by having a strong and balanced mind, one cannot become a victim of Tobacco products, but global research findings reveals that school children and youth at younger age are more prone to experiment tobacco products and thereby developing an addiction to it. Hence these surrogate advertisement in the form of notebooks, biscuits, pastas, craft material etc… will try to build their “BRAND EQUITY” among them. Research also highlights that those children who are exposed to any form tobacco advertisements are four times more likely to use tobacco products than the children who are not exposed.

Its in highly important that we protect ourselves and our younger generation from the misleading and devious strategies adopted by the tobacco industries. Please be informed that ten lakh people die every year directly related to tobacco consumption. Take a vow to “STAY AWAY”from buying consumer products manufactured by Tobacco companies. If might seem impossible but surely it is not. We have had many children who took a pledge that they will not use the consumer products of tobacco industries. Our younger generation is smart, all they is a proper sensitization and they will surely take the best path.

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