National Forum for Tobacco Eradication (NFTE) is a network comprising of individuals, professional associations, like minded organizations and institutions who are actively working towards tobacco eradication. NFTE closely works with various civil society members and the Government Officials to implementing tobacco eradication initiatives.

Our aim is to complete eradicate tobacco and ensure that the children do not in any way know or consume tobacco. Apart from focusing on the implementation of proactive measures to eradicate tobacco, we also provide referral services for cessation centres, capacity building programmes, We have also partnered with Children Against Tobacco (CAT) to conduct training programmes for children a thereby creating ambassadors for tobacco eradication.

Tobacco Monitor Android App

Our latest initiative is the Tobacco Monitor Android App, which is a platform wherein a person can acquire information about the latest happenings related to tobacco eradications, regulations and cessation and also give complaints on tobacco related violations. The App is available at the National Level. The app works at two levels namely at being a platform obtaining the latest updates on tobacco eradication and requesting for referral services. At the second level, a user can report any violations on tobacco.

Upon submission of the complaint, NFTE will receive the complaint and the complaint will be reviewed by NFTE. Once the complaint is verified it will be sent to the State Tobacco Control Cell, Concerned Departments of the Respective State and Civil Society Members who are registered with us, under the name of NFTE.

The accomplishments of the App has been possible only through the support of the State Level Government and Civil Society Members. We would like to, in a very special way appreciate the support extended by our following partners.


Tamil Nadu                         Mary Anne Charity Trust (MACT), Chennai
                                                  Tamilnadu People’s Forum for Tobacco Control (TNPFTC)

Punjab                                   Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Punjab
                                                  SNEHA (Social Network for Education And Health Awareness), MOHALI

Kerala                                    Kerala Voluntary Health Services, Kottayam

Chandigarh                         Department of Health and Family Welfare,
(Union Territory)             Government of Chandigarh (Union Territory)