People’s Manifesto for Tobacco Control

Prior to the Parliamentary and Assembly Elections, TNPFTC releases People’s Manifesto exclusively for tobacco control. As of on, three manifestos have been released by TNPFTC.

2009 was the first set of elections where we brought out our People’s Manifesto for the Parliamentary Elections. The People’s Manifesto focused on issues such as ill health effects due to tobacco, tobacco farming, MPOWER Strategy of Tobacco Control, Ban on Indirect Advertising, Compensation for Tobacco Victims and so on. This manifesto was one of its kind which sensitized about tobacco control to the general public. Click Here to go to the 2009 People’s Manifesto.

In March 2011, TNPFTC released the People’s Manifesto which urged the Election Commission of India to ban political parties whose election campaigns have been sponsored by Tobacco Companies. The manifesto consisted of many other demands that were in line with protecting people from tobacco and tobacco industries. Click Here to go to the 2011 People’s Manifesto.

Prior to the 2014 Parliamentary Elections, Tamilnadu People’s Forum for Tobacco Control (TNPFTC) brought out its  own “People’s Manifesto for Tobacco Control” on 09  April, 2014. The People’s Manifesto aimed to sensitize the Candidates standing for the elections on the ill effects of tobacco, violations by tobacco industries and the tobacco control activities. It sought to explain to the Candidates what People’s are expecting from the Government in line with Tobacco Control activities. The Manifesto spoke about Second Hand Smoking, Tobacco Tooth Paste, Tobacco Cessation, Point of Sale, School Health Programme, Restrictions related to Tobacco Control, Tobacco Farming, Child Labour System, NGOs in Tobacco Control and the New Companies Act, 2013. Click Here to go to the 2014 People’s Manifesto.